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Vacation With Vector Giveaway! ($2500 Value!!!)


Who wouldn't want to win an all-inclusive trip for two to Orlando, FL?!

Vector Hooks is giving you your chance! The Vacation With Vector is your shot at not only getting to Orlando this summer, but also with full access to ICAST Thursday & Friday, an invitation to attend the ICAST After Party on Thursday Night, and a Salt or Fresh Fishing Charter of your choice?!

Yes, airfare is included for two inside the Continental US (Lower-48).

Yes, you'll be put up in a nice hotel for your stay.

Yes, you'll also receive a daily UBER allowance to help you get around.

A Winner will be picked March 9th, 2022!

Here's a few ways you can get entered:

  1. Receive 1 entry ticket for every 25 dollars you spend per order, before shipping, until March 1st  2022.
    1. Example: Spend $25 to get 1 ticket. Spend $125 to get 5 tickets.
    2. This is for qualifying purchases starting December 1st, so YES, we are back-dating for entries to give you guys a chance at more entries!
  2. Refer brand new customers and receive 2 tickets for every $25 they spend.
    1. Your referred customer must put in the comments of their order your name for it to count. Must be a new customer to qualify.
  3. Get us into your local bait and tackle shop and once they put in their first order you will receive 10 tickets!

Here's the trip itinerary:

  1. July 21, 2022 - You'll fly in to Orlando, get checked in, attend the rest of the rest of the day at ICAST and then get ready for the after party!
  2. July 22, 2022 - You'll spend the last day at ICAST with your chance to meet and mingle with fishing industry pro's and businesses that make the fishing world go 'round.
  3. July 23, 2022 - You'll get to embark on an adventure of slinging quality Florida fish into the boat with one of our Vector Hooks Pro Guides.
  4. July 24, 2022 - Relax and get ready to head back home. Trust me, after this trip, you're gonna need a relaxing day where you can just sit back and enjoy the memories!

Want to double your tickets entries?

Sign up for NextFish PREMIER and not only will you save $10 off your first order of $50 or more, but you'll also receive double the entries.
  1. Sign up for NextFish PREMIER.
  2. Login to your account at and go to your Member Dashboard.
  3. Access your PREMIER Savings and grab the Promo Code for Vector Hooks.
  4. Hop over to and add products to your cart, save money AND get double the entries! No Brainer!

Here's a few terms and conditions:

  1. Must be 18 or older to enter.
    1. Must be 21 or older to participate in the after parties.
  2. The amount of entries will be based on all purchases excluding the cost of shipping, between December 1st, 2021 and March 1st, 2022.
    1. A physical raffle ticket will be mailed with your order.
      1. Referral Ticket rewards will be mailed, via certified mail, to ensure delivery, and will be received by you before March 9th, 2022.
    2. The Winner will be selected on March 9th, 2022.
    3. Entrants are eligible from anywhere in the world, however, airfare will only be awarded for those inside the Continental US (Lower 48).
      1. If you live outside of the Continental US (Lower 48), we will reimburse your ticket cost up to $500 per individual. If your plane ticket to Orlando costs more than $500, you will only be reimbursed $500 towards your flight.
    4. For the Fishing Charter on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022, you will choose whether you'd like to go after Inshore Species (Saltwater) or Bass (Freshwater), and we will arrange that day. JB Wiggins will be attending, as will an additional Vector Hooks Staff member to help document the day for photos, video, and any additional help should it be necessary.

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